Commercial Property Management in Logan, UT

At Interstate Commercial Properties, we understand that successful property management is the key to maximizing the value and profitability of your commercial investments. Our comprehensive and client-focused property management services are designed to ensure your assets are in safe hands, allowing you to be hands-off in your property management.

Why Choose Us?

Tenant Satisfaction:

Happy tenants lead to long-term success. We prioritize tenant satisfaction by providing excellent customer service, prompt response to queries, and proactive maintenance, resulting in higher tenant retention rates.

Financial Excellence:

We understand the significance of your investment returns. Our meticulous financial management ensures timely rent collection, expense optimization, and transparent financial reporting.

Comprehensive Maintenance:

Our proactive approach to property maintenance guarantees that your property remains in top-notch condition. Regular inspections and preventive measures safeguard your assets and minimize unexpected repair costs.

Expert Property Management Team:

Our dedicated team of professionals has extensive experience in managing various commercial properties, from office buildings to retail centers and industrial complexes. You can rely on our expertise to handle every aspect of property management efficiently.


Navigating the complex world of property regulations and compliance can be daunting. Our team helps enforce the terms outlined in your contract so you and your tenants can have the best experience possible.

Our Property Management Services:

Partner with Interstate Commercial Properties and experience the peace of mind that comes with professional and reliable property management.

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Kiwi Legacy, LLC

1755 N 400 E Logan, UT 84341


Cache Meadows R&D Park, LLC

642 N 1000 W Logan, UT 84321


ID Falls 17th & Holmes

540 E 17th St Idaho Falls, ID 83404


Denali I, LLC

1077 W 130 S


Elite Investment Enterprise

2 N Main St. Providence, UT 84332


FJM Logan Associates - CP

680 W 200 N Logan, UT 84321


FJM Logan Associates - LP

430 W 1400 N Logan, UT 84341


Landor, LLC

1153 N Main St. Logan, UT 84321


Logan Business Park

1137 W 1700 N Logan, UT 84323


Logan Meadows - Rexer, LLC

765 W 1800 N Logan, UT 84321


Nirmal Properties

810 S 100 W Logan, UT 84321

Medical Office

Tandon, LLC

1057 W 130 S


Tenant Screening
& Placement

We carefully screen potential tenants to find reliable occupants who will treat your property with respect and meet their lease obligations.


Our team handles all lease-related matters, from drafting agreements to lease renewals and terminations, ensuring a smooth and legally sound process.


We manage all aspects of property maintenance, coordinating repairs, and ensuring the property is well-maintained to attract and retain quality tenants


Our transparent financial reporting provides you with a clear overview of your property’s performance and financial health.

Emergency Support

We are always available to handle any property-related emergencies, ensuring your property is protected around the clock.