ICP Team

ICP Team

Ryan Reeves, President and Principal Broker

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Phone: 435-757-4445
E-mail: ryanr@interstatecp.com

Bret Rigby, Co-Founder & President

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Phone: 435-213-9334
E-mail: bretr@interstatecp.com

Trevor Kyle, Vice President & Managing Member

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Phone: 801-815-7255
E-mail: trevork@interstatecp.com

Amy Otterby, Assistant Property Manager

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Phone: 435-764-3034
E-mail: amyotterby@gmail.com

“Whenever I need to adjust my real estate holdings, I contact Ryan and his team at ICP.  Ryan understands the local market, and he first listens to my needs before discussing investment options.”

–  Dr. Gordon Wood (ENT Physician)